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Picture the scene: you’re sitting at the table eating your breakfast, and catching up on the latest news; which section catches your eye? If you’re a consumer news junkie or would just like to be better informed, then you need ‘Consumer Education’.

There is something for everyone on this news blog, from details on the latest budgets and political campaigns, to advice on banking

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Oxford Online Pharmacy research reveals half of UK consumers can’t spot a fake online pharmacy

Research out today has revealed that, in spite of measures being taken by the pharmaceutical industry to reassure consumers that the online pharmacy they are visiting is legitimate, only 39% of respondents were aware that a couple of simple checks could offer the reassurance they are looking for.

Last year, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) introduced a mandatory logo, for display on every

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Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for the Road after the Winter

After a long winter and as the weather begins to improves, it’s time for motorcycle enthusiasts to get their bikes out of the garage and back on the road.

However the cold weather and moisture can cause real problems for a bike that has been in storage over the winter months, so the motoring experts Haynes have produced the following tips to ensure your bike is in

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Miller Hendry solicitors advice when it comes to Bank of Mum and Dad

Borrowing from the Bank of Mum and Dad is all very well but home buyers need to be aware of the pitfalls when they tap their relatives for cash, says Tayside based solicitors and estate agents Miller Hendry.

Data just released by Legal & General found that lending from parents to help their children buy a home will help finance 25% of all UK mortgage transactions

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Gillespie Macandrew’s Lianne Lodge gives lesson in Prince’s legacy

Lianne Lodge

2016 has been a remarkable year when it comes to celebrity deaths.  No sooner are we getting over one shock than we are faced by another. The latest being that of the enigmatic musician Prince.

Papers filed in the State Court of Minnesota show that Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson has petitioned for a special administrator to oversee the star’s estate.  This is deemed to be necessary

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WorldSIM’s new travel SIM card ends global roaming charges

For over 5 years the European commission has been trying to force European Operators to abolish roaming charges across the EU with only modest success. Roaming experts WorldSIM, have gone one step further, offering travellers a new SIM card that offers local rates across the globe with the added advantage of using their existing number through the use of WorldSIM’s virtual phone number service.

WorldSIM has

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Barcan+Kirby reveals under 55’s expect to retire before 70

New research from law firm Barcan+Kirby as part of its Citizen 2025 whitepaper, which was launched on Monday (29.02.16), shows that under 55’s are not expecting to work into their 70’s.

This comes in contrast to the Government’s announcement today that it is reviewing the state retirement age and speculation that people could work until they are 75.

In a poll of 2,003 UK adults, conducted on

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First Direct Wins Best British Bank at Smart Money People Awards

British Bank Awards_2016

Telephone and internet-based retail bank First Direct once again dominates the annual Smart Money People British Bank Awards. Runner-up is Nationwide Building Society, up one place from the previous year, while new entrant Tesco Bank steps straight into the number three slot.

At the other end of the scale, the ‘big four’ High Street banks occupy the last four places with RBS, after a year of

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TRACKER reports Range Rover Sport most stolen and recovered car 2015

BMW X5 comes in 2nd having held the number one place for six consecutive years

According to the latest figures from TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), the highly desirable Range Rover Sport was the most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2015, knocking the BMW X5 off the number one spot which it has held for the last 6 years. Year-on-year TRACKER saw a 12% increase

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PayingTooMuch.com reveals Age UK might be overcharging for travel insurance

Travel insurance from Age UK is nearly double the cost of a comparable policy from PayingTooMuch.com, potentially leaving customers feeling ripped off and perhaps even putting them off going on holiday.

A two week single-trip policy for a 78 year old male, with pre-existing medical conditions*, to the Canary Islands was £158.16 from Age UK, whereas the same level of cover from PayingTooMuch.com was £79.94.

If you

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Facing Facts: Healthy and Unhealthy Fats

On the news and in the media more generally, you often hear reports listing words like ‘cholesterol’, ‘trans fats’ or ‘polyunsaturated fat’. To the uninitiated, this can be confusing at best, and at worst a minefield with no real solutions advising what you should and shouldn’t eat. This article will run through some come healthy and unhealthy fats, and outline their impact, including dietary advice

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