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Picture the scene: you’re sitting at the table eating your breakfast, and catching up on the latest news; which section catches your eye? If you’re a consumer news junkie or would just like to be better informed, then you need ‘Consumer Education’.

There is something for everyone on this news blog, from details on the latest budgets and political campaigns, to advice on banking

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Row.co.uk study reveals UK’s top home emergency fears


While heights and spiders may be some of the UK’s biggest collective fears, there are other fears which are often overlooked – the fear of home emergencies.

In a study by the appliance and boiler insurance company Row.co.uk, it was found that the ultimate home emergency fear is discovering burst pipes and finding the house flooded. Almost 29% of us are afraid of this, which is

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UKinsuranceNET warns of possible cost of property money making ideas

The article, entitled:  Renting out your cellar, garden and even your patio: How YOU can make £1000 a week – from your house  in yesterday’s Daily Mail, suggested renting out a cellar for storage, a living room for homeworkers who don’t want to work from coffee shops, and even the kitchen for aspiring bakers.

Steve Bradley, MD of one of the UK’s leading insurance broking websites, 

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Save money buying Christmas presents with Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two of the biggest days for retail in 2016 are now just a month away, and UK consumers are after a bargain to kick off their Christmas shopping.

But how can shoppers make the most of the deals they find in store and online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

1. Use a price comparison website or app.

On idealo.co.uk, consumers can compare the prices of nearly all

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Reasons You Should Try CFD Trading

Before we try to find out whether it is worth going in for CFD or Contract for Difference, it would be interesting to know something more about it. What exactly is CFD and why it is considered to be one of the most exciting trading options which could help even newcomers to make money? From an ordinary man’s perspective CFD is nothing but a tool

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Over50choices.co.uk survey reveals surge in prepaid funeral plans

Over50s comparison site Over50choices.co.uk wanted to find out the reasons why people buy prepaid funeral plans,particularly as sales of the product have increased by 22% in the first six months of the 2016 compared to the same period last year.

The study of over 1,000 customers showed that while removing the emotional and financial burden was the main reason,nearly half (46%) also saw it as a

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New book Breaking Law warns on the perils of supermarkets

This warning is made by Stephen Gold, just retired as a judge and former lawyer to the Kray Twins, in his new book Breaking Law. He says that we are paying shops a fortune over the odds because of misleading pricing. On top of that, the decline of free plastic bags and the trend for not taking a receipt could lead to both more shoplifting

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A1 Travel to launch holidays for 2017 with interest free credit

A1Travel have just launched a brand new offering that will make booking your next holiday as affordable and stress free as possible. As of now, holidays that are booked in advance for 2017 will come with interest free credit, for all those families who may struggle to make up one lump sum of money for their holiday next year.

We all need a break to relax

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Gamestaar refines payment system for trading of your old games

Trading in old and unwanted video games in return for cash has become big business but consumers can often be left waiting for payment. New online platform Gamestaar aims to change that by guaranteeing its customers a quick service – or they will double the agreed payment.While selling old games and other electrical items online has become popular in recent years, it can often be

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Brexit: Employment Law Implications

On the 23rd June 2016, the UK public voted to leave the European Union. The vote to leave the EU has led to uncertainty for many businesses, their employees and the UK economy as a whole. As no country has never actually left the EU, it is not yet known when the process of Brexit will commence or when the United Kingdom will actually leave.


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Cheap Thrills: Small Businesses and Employee Perks

Almost every business, large or small, started as someone’s dream to offer a better mousetrap or mouse-trapping service. For businesses that remain under 100 employees – and like it that way, thank you very much – those dreams are more than just a paragraph on the About Us page: they are a guide to how the business operates, makes its products, treats its people. Many

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