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First Direct Wins Best British Bank at Smart Money People Awards

Telephone and internet-based retail bank First Direct once again dominates the annual Smart Money People British Bank Awards. Runner-up is Nationwide Building Society, up one place from the previous year, while new entrant Tesco Bank steps straight into the number three slot.

At the other end of the scale, the ‘big four’ High Street banks occupy the last four places with RBS, after a year of

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MBNA Introduces “unique” Everyday Plus Credit Card

Simple card “ticks all the boxes” – with long-term low rate of 7.4 per cent*, no annual fee, no fees on money transfers, balance transfers, ATM usage in the UK and abroad, or foreign exchange transactions

Chester, UK: MBNA has launched “comparison table-busting” credit card with a long-term low rate and no fees for using it in the UK or abroad.

The MBNA Everyday Plus American

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Smart Money People reveal First Direct as Britain’s favourite bank

The inaugural British Bank Awards, which harnessed the opinions of over 500 Smart Money People reviewers, placed First Direct firmly as Britain’s favourite bank, winning top place in five out of seven categories.

Scooping the accolades ‘Best British Bank’, ‘Most Recommended Bank’, ‘Best Customer Service’, ‘Best Value for Money’ and ‘Best Current Account’ with its 1st Account, the internet and telephone-only bank proved customers don’t need

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Angry Consumers Have More Power Than Ever Thanks to the Internet


One disgruntled banking customer is proving to the corporate world just how much the hands of power can change, thanks to modern technology.  After being mis-sold PPI by one of the world’s biggest banks, Christopher George took matters into his own hands by setting up a website in their full name domain , and making a mockery of the international banking corporation.  The registered domain

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Expert claims banks are failing to educate their customers with regards to payment fraud

Shirley Inscoe, an Aite analyst, claims that banking institutions are not doing a proper job of teaching their consumers about how to prevent payment fraud. Inscoe explained that banks need to be more proactive and figure out a way to teach consumers in a method that they can understand.

Inscoe is the author of a newly released report entitled Global Fraud and Clueless Consumers in which

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Asda Money bring out a guide for contactless credit cards

Asda Money is looking at the rise in popularity in contactless credit cards as there are now more than 23m of the cards that need no PIN number to make a payment. You can use a contactless contact card to make a purchase up to the value of £20 and as over £17.7bn worth of annual transactions fall into this category Asda Money’s guide will

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Central banking and inflation dilemma

Deputy Governor Paul Tucker of the Bank of England told the government this week that he would add funds to the current quantitative easing system that was put in place several years ago now, if the inflation keeps going up, and if demands keep growing. He also talked about the fact that the central bank could be bringing interest rates down into minus territories. This

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The rules regarding the FAS

The Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) was first announced on May 2004 by the government and actually started in September of 2005. The point of the scheme is to offer financial assistance to members of applicable pension schemes that lost a portion, or all, of their pension following the ‘winding-up’ of underfunding that occurred between the years of 1997 and 2005 and since then, in some

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Triple Clubcard points on gift card purchases at Tesco

Triple Clubcard points on gift card purchases at Tesco

Holders of the Tesco Clubcard are going to be able to redeem a great deal more points in store, as the company have just announced that they are going to be giving away triple points for anyone who buys gift cards in their store that carry a brand. The company said that every £50 spent on

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Barclays Italian dealings investigated

A recent investigation has been launched into Barclays whose offices in Italy were recently searched by the Italian authorities. Various documents were seized as part of the market manipulation investigation that has been conducted into the bank and its role in setting the interest rate for the Euribor benchmark.

Files have been attained by Italian police dating from 2007 to 2012 including various e-mails sent between

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