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Brexit: Employment Law Implications

On the 23rd June 2016, the UK public voted to leave the European Union. The vote to leave the EU has led to uncertainty for many businesses, their employees and the UK economy as a whole. As no country has never actually left the EU, it is not yet known when the process of Brexit will commence or when the United Kingdom will actually leave.


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Cheap Thrills: Small Businesses and Employee Perks

Almost every business, large or small, started as someone’s dream to offer a better mousetrap or mouse-trapping service. For businesses that remain under 100 employees – and like it that way, thank you very much – those dreams are more than just a paragraph on the About Us page: they are a guide to how the business operates, makes its products, treats its people. Many

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Choose which promotional gifts to hand out

Handing out promotional gifts is a tried and trusted marketing strategy. At expos, conferences and business meetings around the world companies share their brand in a number of ingenious ways.

You might be considering giving away promotional items as marketing strategy for your company. There are a number of ways to do this whether it’s purposefully handing out gifts, or leaving free pens in a basket

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Creating British Jobs: Not as difficult as some would have you think!

Creating jobs in Britain isn’t as difficult as you may first think. There have been many revolutionary moments that have changed the face of employment in the UK. Let’s take a look at one of those very moments.

Imagine a man of Indian ethnicity coming to England and opening a call centre, and then going out of his way to make sure that everyone who works

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Benefits of Effective Document Management

Sharing different files should be simple, right? You draft up a piece, send it over to someone else, they give their input, and then send it back over to you. Tools like email and markup view in Word have certainly made it easier to collaborate on the same document, but to keep up with competitors in the modern business world you need more.

There’s too much

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MegaValue.com’s First High Street Shop in Kidderminster

MegaValue.com opened its first store in Kidderminster’s high street earlier this month. Located next to their strong competitor, Poundland, MegaValue.com is now in full swing, just in time for summer.

With perfect seasonal buys and a promise of incredibly low prices, this is nothing but good news for those looking for homeware bargains. Popular products include garden furniture, DIY supplies, BBQ equipment and many more.

To keep

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The Impact of Human Resource Management on Productivity

Human resource management is a role that is often overlooked in some organisations, but businesses underestimate this important cog in their operations at their peril. To understand why human resource management is important to productivity, we only have to look to the experts who have found that a large majority of employees leave their jobs due to mismanagement. It is therefore clear that conscientious management

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Remember Me – How to Give Memorable Swag at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a part of pretty much every industry under the sun. They are where people go to talk to their peers, share ideas, do some networking and maybe get a couple new clients while you’re at it. Giveaways, or swag, as some people call it, are a great way for people to remember your brand and presence at the show. However, the question

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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Pallet Shipment

Nowadays increasing numbers of people and companies use pallets to ship their goods, but many worry over whether they will reach their destination on time and in the right condition.

Many mistakes can be avoided by preparing your freight correctly and complying with established requirements. Read on to arm yourself with the right knowledge to make the process move smoothly.

Prohibited Items

Different countries have different regulations

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Motorists urged to make themselves heard on independent garage scheme website

Motorists urged to make themselves heard on independent garage scheme website

Trust My Garage, the independent nationwide scheme for garages is giving motorists the chance to have their say. The organisation has just launched a section on their website dedicated to customer feedback, and are actively encouraging motorists to comment on and leave reviews of the member garages they have visited for repairs, an MOT

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