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Renewed fraud strategies in the UK

When the Home Office recently announced the closure of National Fraud Authority and that is was transferring of all its activities to National Crime Agency, www.ukfraud.co.uk is asking people to commit resources and strategies that reduce the risks associated with fraud. Some of the specific actionable points include:

1. Eliminating fraud targets

In NFA’s five year tenure, fraud levels were considerably high making it hard to fight

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New telephone scam set to affect 25% of UK adults

About a quarter of all adults in the UK will find themselves at risk of being scammed by a new telephone scam that involves a scammer that poses as a legitimate caller in order to gain their confidence and get personal details from them. Often the scammer says that they are the police or from a bank.

According to the Financial Fraud Action UK, there has

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Warrant out for man who pretended to be his father

A warrant has been placed on a man in Barrhead who pretended to be his father for six months while he went on an online spending spree. After charges were placed against George Petrie from Darnley Road he failed to appear on his court date. He is facing charges of spending over £1,500 on shopping purchases online after stealing the identity of his father.

The 34

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Money laundering reaches unprecedented heights thanks to digital currency

Money laundering has reached new heights in the form of digital currency in the billions of dollars moving through cyberspace over the past few years. The alleged culprit is Liberty Reserves, and the liberty it offered was the opportunity to create an online bank account with virtually no questions asked. All it required was a name, an address and a birth date, none of which

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Postage scam lands businesswoman in court

It makes one wonder if there isn’t a great deal of similar money-saving scheming going on in the global mail-order-by-internet business. Samantha Keen of Ipswich had an online business selling dried milk products to customers all over the world, and she was using an apparently simple method of saving on her shipping costs: she printed out multiple mailing labels after paying for just one.

The only

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Important guide to clinical claims

Individuals should expect quality care from medical professionals during their times of need.  When medical treatment given to a patient is found to have fallen below a reasonable standard, however, this is considered to be a breach of duty on behalf of the doctor, nurse, medical person or institution deemed to be responsible for patient care.  If, as a direct result of this breach of

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Why you should pursue a personal injury claim

Personal injury claims have something of a bad reputation because of people over claiming, but if you have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness, then you have a right to compensation because it is not your fault, and it needs to be put right. When you are pursuing one of these claims you need to hire a firm of claims compensation solicitors, that are

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Trading of personal details is a major cause of identity theft

A crime report has recently been conducted which involves 2 million people from the UK. It showed that the leaking of personal information is one of the main ways that people conduct identity fraud. It is estimated that 90 percent of the personal information that is illegally traded on the Internet involves people’s username and passwords for various online services.

Those who have been the victim

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Lawyer sues travel agent for £1,567. Now you can too.

Travelling can be an experience fraught with risk. Away from the safety of your native city, you can fall prey to injuries, theft, and other more serious crimes while travelling. Accidents are also common when travelling abroad. One report shows over 280,000 A&E treatment cases, and 83,000 hospital admissions among tourists in the EU alone.

An injury or an accident while travelling can be a frightening

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Which? advise consumers against being conned

Consumer organisation Which? has created new guidelines that can be utilised to help people protect themselves from fraud after it has been found that one out of every ten people are scammed out of their money.

UK consumers lose about six billion pounds every year as a result of fraudulent acts against them, and one of the most commonly used tactics includes an email that is

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