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Ipswich Building Society On Mortgages After Divorce

The 4th January sees most households return to work, with Auld Lang Syne sung for another year and the must-have Christmas toy probably already having fallen out of favour. But with 42% of marriages ending in divorce it may not come as a surprise to learn the first working Monday in January is dubbed Divorce Day – the peak day for legal firms to receive

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Make A Meal Reports Britain’s Biggest Food Wastage

Food is one of the world’s most valuable resources yet in the UK alone, Love Food Hate Waste estimates that around 15 million tonnes is discarded each year. In a bid to reveal the biggest culprits, innovative recipe generating app Make A Meal has gathered a list of the most thrown away items in British households.

Paul Saxby of Make a Meal said, “Drawing on

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UK consumers are paying more than other European countries for tech products

Comparison of games consoles prices

Price comparison site, idealo, has analysed which countries offer the lowest prices for tech products in order to investigate the savings consumers can benefit from by taking advantage of cross-border e-commerce.

The best offers on identical products were compared on idealo’s international sites in the UK, Germany, France and Italy. Significant price differences reveal that UK shoppers are often paying more than their European counterparts.



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UK shoppers can finally pay with their smartphones thanks to new app

A new app is going to let shoppers in the UK leave their wallets at home. Instead, they can use their smartphones to pay the bills. Metro Bank, Nationwide, HSBC, Santander, and First Direct are all going to allow their collective 18 million customers to use Zapp mobile payments in order to cash out at stores.

This collective group makes up about 33% of all bank

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Renewed fraud strategies in the UK

When the Home Office recently announced the closure of National Fraud Authority and that is was transferring of all its activities to National Crime Agency, www.ukfraud.co.uk is asking people to commit resources and strategies that reduce the risks associated with fraud. Some of the specific actionable points include:

1. Eliminating fraud targets

In NFA’s five year tenure, fraud levels were considerably high making it hard to fight

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Bitcoin making a real splash in the world of digital currency

The peer to peer open source currency of Bitcoin has become an important currency in the retail world, in spite of not being centrally authorised. The NY Times reported that early Facebook investor and Silicon Valley capitalist, Jim Breyer sees a bright future for Bitcoin in a typical retail market. He feels digital currency, especially Bitcoin, has a utility value. It instantly transfers money, confirms

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Dwolla marks a change in the way we view digital currency

The Dwolla is the most interesting startup when it comes to changing the basics of digital currency. This Iowa based startup has come up with their own payment method as an alternative to credit cards and Automated Clearing House (ACH), which have been used for years to power bank transactions and other payment transactions with companies like Square.

Having created its own network has given Dwolla

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Money expert tells us how to save £1000 before Christmas day

Money expert tells us how to save £1000 before Christmas day

Money expert tells us how to save £1000 before Christmas day

With less than 50 days to go until Christmas Gareth Robinson, the money saving expert, has given his top tops that can save you a whopping £1000 before Christmas day.

• Stubbing out the fags can save you £450
• Cut out the booze and save yourself £100
• Online discounts can bag you a healthy

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Celebrities under fire for endorsing unhealthy products

Late October, singer Katy Perry came under fire by consumer groups who sought to highlight what they saw as her celebrity promotion and endorsement of the Pepsi brand and their sugary drink, Pepsi Cola.

Product endorsements come in all types. The Brita water filter featured on the weight loss show The Biggest Loser with presenters “introducing” the idea of clean water to the contestants and NASCAR

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5 Different Kinds of Cookers: Too Many Cooks?

Ovens, one of the most essential appliances in any home to help us to, well, eat! To the people who think it just magically creates amazing food at will, you might be surprised to hear that there are a range of different cookers available – some even called range cookers incidentally – that all perform different functions and help us to achieve the same end

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