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Save money buying Christmas presents with Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two of the biggest days for retail in 2016 are now just a month away, and UK consumers are after a bargain to kick off their Christmas shopping.

But how can shoppers make the most of the deals they find in store and online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

1. Use a price comparison website or app.

On idealo.co.uk, consumers can compare the prices of nearly all

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WorldSIM’s new travel SIM card ends global roaming charges

For over 5 years the European commission has been trying to force European Operators to abolish roaming charges across the EU with only modest success. Roaming experts WorldSIM, have gone one step further, offering travellers a new SIM card that offers local rates across the globe with the added advantage of using their existing number through the use of WorldSIM’s virtual phone number service.

WorldSIM has

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Unlock the Security Potential of Your iPhone

The newest iteration of the iPhone has hit Apple stores and throngs of people have already queued up, some with tents and sleeping bags – you might be one of them! All that’s on your mind is how great your new phone is going to be, or how happy your dad will be with his tech gift. Is the new dual camera truly DSLR

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Get Safe Online’s UK initiative to keep families safe online

Fake phone calls, emails and texts are a form of ‘Social engineering’, an extremely targeted type of scam where fraudsters manipulate their victims into sharing confidential information. As part of the national initiative, Get Safe Online, along with its partners, has unveiled a new TV ad which it hopes will keep everyone safe online and encourage the public to think twice before they act:



Figures from

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Be careful of phony gas fitters for your boiler this winter

Winter is upon us and that means household boilers will again be working almost continuously.  This is the time they can break down, especially if it’s been a long while since the boiler was last serviced.  And if you have ever had your boiler break down in the middle of the winter you will know that it’s no fun being in a house or flat 

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FSP warns about carrier bag confusion at take-aways

Martin Kersh, Executive Director of the Foodservice Packaging Association warns of carrier bag confusion at take-aways with the introduction on Monday October 5th of the carrier bag charge in England.

Kersh says: “We welcome the advice of the Food Standards Agency in advising consumers to take care with bags when they reuse them, particularly with regard to the dangers of placing ready to eat food in

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Building & Engineering Services Association and bogus gas installers

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), on average there are three successful prosecutions every week against bogus gas installers carrying out gas work in homes when they are not qualified to do so.  Gas Safe – the gas safety watchdog body – estimate that over 250,000 such jobs are undertaken each year and 90% of these are not completed to the required

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New Research on Duty Free vs. Online Shopping

After decades enjoying the reputation of offering consumers the best prices on everything from cosmetics and accessories to technology, the air travel retail sector is now facing stiff competition.

A new study reveals that online shopping has triggered a shift in power to the consumer over the last 15 years, particularly when it comes to finding low prices.

The research found that:

– Cosmetics and Technology can be

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Ultimate Guide to Cycling Accessories

Sponsored by PedalSure

With the rise of smartphones, so too has the cycling app market expanded, as well as other notable things such as cycle route planners , and a good old fashioned tool kit is also essential. Let’s have a look at the best of the accessories.

Cycling Apps


Strava is a handy little app that records and stores your progress on your device, ready to be

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The Heating Helpline Providing Free Energy Saving Leaflets


With energy bills remaining stubbornly high and even speculation they might rise again in the coming months, most families have been anxious to find any way to get these huge bills down; unsurprisingly the Heating Helpline’s series of free leaflets on all aspects of home heating and energy saving have therefore proved very popular – they can be downloaded from the Heating Helpline website www.heatinghelpline.org.uk

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