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Cheap Thrills: Small Businesses and Employee Perks

Almost every business, large or small, started as someone’s dream to offer a better mousetrap or mouse-trapping service. For businesses that remain under 100 employees – and like it that way, thank you very much – those dreams are more than just a paragraph on the About Us page: they are a guide to how the business operates, makes its products, treats its people. Many

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5 jobs that increase the risks of asbestos exposure

The history of asbestos is long and tangled. The naturally occurring mineral was used widely during the 20th century as an incredibly effective insulator. Being waterproof, heatproof and even soundproof, it was seen as something of a miracle in construction.

It was also highly dangerous and, from the 1960s onwards, little by little there has been a push back against it. It was in the 1970s

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Employment legal advice – choosing an employment solicitor

Recent research has showcased that legal advice is essential, especially if you have experienced various issues in the work environment. In order to gain this advice, you will need to invest in the help of an employment specialist.

There are several factors to consider when choosing an employment specialist. Such factors include checking the company’s website. This will allow you to gain a feel of what

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London Met struggle after their licence for foreign students is revoked

Last week has been pretty big for the foreign students studying in British universities and more specifically the London Metropolitan University. A few days ago, the UK Border Agency declared the London Met’s license to accept non-European students as invalid. This means that the prestigious university doesn’t have the ‘fully trusted’ kite mark, because it failed to meet the rules of the UK Border Agency.


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Can I claim compensation for a work accident?

Your employer is responsible for your health and safety while you are on the floor or on the clock. All employers are required by law to provide a safe workspace, document accidents that occur in the workplace and provide compensation of necessary.

Though the health and safety laws are very clear in what they require, there are occasional horror stories about employees being involved in accidents

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Embrace change when living and working in Egypt

Ever thought of living or working abroad?  Here is an article about doing just that in one of the less likely locations – Egypt.

There is so much to think about prior to moving to Egypt to live and work. There’s also much to get used to once you arrive there for the very first time. Sure, it’ll be exciting, the smells, the sounds, the atmosphere

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Working in Birmingham: offices and opportunities

An overview of working in Birmingham and excellent office facilities with Goodman business parks

Birmingham has long been harboured with the moniker of ‘second’ city; the UK’s second biggest urban area aside from London, with the second largest urban population. Yet the Midlands metropolis is a leader in some of the world’s most contemporary industries and skills sets.

Birmingham continues to be a pioneer in telecommunications, information

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UK unemployment statistics make for grim reading

Official figures have revealed that levels of long-term unemployment in the UK are hitting crisis point. As the economy struggles to bounce back from two successive quarters of contractions, which technically represents a return to recession, the number of people out of work has continued to soar.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that 441,000 have been jobless for more than two years; a

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What to do if you lose your job

5 tips after losing your job

Being made redundant or being laid off is a reality for far too many people in these recessionary times, and with a double dip economy being mentioned so much in the media, it’s important to be prepared for what may happen down the line. If you find yourself collecting your last paycheck from your job, or unexpectedly laid off or

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