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Nuclear safety from the European Commission

When it comes to nuclear safety, every one of us should be concerned, and it is good to know that improving safety is a top priority in Europe. The latest proposals from the European Commission have set out very high safety standards and is pushing for the application of these standards right across the continent.

Producing nuclear energy safely is vital for everyone who lives in

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Currency Market Reaction to loss of Britain’s AAA Credit Rating




A Currency Market report from Moneycorp following the loss of Britain’s AAA credit rating.


Mixed fortunes for the euro saw it lose one and a half US cents and strengthen by a cent and a half against the pound in foreign exchange. Sterling had a rotten week, which culminated in the long-awaited loss of Britain’s Aaa credit rating from Moody’s. The euro’s fortunes this week will

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Hackers access government website to highlight security flaws

It has been revealed that computer hackers have been able to get hold of the personal details belonging to dozens of job seekers on the government run Universal Jobmatch website and have said that they did it purely to highlight the vulnerability of the website. The data they have been able to access includes national insurance numbers, passwords and even scanned images of passports.

This is

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New supermarket watchdog to have more bite

New supermarket watchdog to have more bite

The government’s announcement regarding the new Groceries Code Adjudicator and how it will have the power, from the outset, to fine retailers has been warmly welcomed by CPRE.

As a part of the Groceries Market Remedies Group, CPRE have been calling, since 2006, for an effective regulator for the food chain that will monitor relationships between major supermarkets and

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Fife police issue booklet to protect yourself against fraud

Police in Fife have created a booklet that gives advice to local people about how to avoid fraud and stay out of situations so that fraud never happens to you. The Fife police sought out guidance from CIFAS, the UK fraud prevention organisation, in order to create a booklet that will help educate citizens of Dunfermline and Fife on how to avoid fraud.

Superintendent for Fife

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OFT investigate ways to suspend credit licences

The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) has started a new consultation to look at new powers that will allow it to suspend the consumer credit licenses that belong to debt purchasers, debt collection agencies, and other similar firms immediately.

The OFT stated that it needs the power in order to protect its consumers fully by allowing them to quickly stop licensable activities of businesses that otherwise

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Controversy rages over the ‘bedroom tax’ part of the 2012 Welfare Reform Act

The Welfare Reform Act of 2012 includes a reduction of benefits, effective from April 2013, that has prompted a surge of protest from agencies all over the UK. The ‘bedroom tax’ in question means that many thousands of social tenants will lose an average of £14 per week in benefits, and an alarming percentage of those will lose much more than that.

The Albyn Housing Society

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The Money Advise Service reaches 1.3 million people

The Money Advise Service which the government launched last year was used by nearly 1.3 million people in just 12 months. Over a million people have visited the Money Advice Service’s website in the past year. This service is completely free and its goal is to help Britons who are not familiar with finances and need financial advice, education or need help with their debts.


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Consumer groups voice concern over pensions consolidation

Various consumer groups in the UK have recently voiced their concern about the government’s decision to consider the pensions consolidation scheme where the pension pot follows the worker around.

The consumer groups, Age UK, Which? and TUC have all issued statements that they are concerned about the plan means that people might have their pension schemes transferred into a lower quality one, which actually means that

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Respected Historian claims the government is creating a bleak economic future

Niall Ferguson is one of the most respected historians of economics in the country and in a recent Reith Lecture on the BBC he commented that the financial actions of the government today are creating a bleak economic future for generations to come as public spending cuts and a higher tax burden will be necessary in the future.

In his lecture, Ferguson cites the well-known economist

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