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Oxford Online Pharmacy research reveals half of UK consumers can’t spot a fake online pharmacy

Research out today has revealed that, in spite of measures being taken by the pharmaceutical industry to reassure consumers that the online pharmacy they are visiting is legitimate, only 39% of respondents were aware that a couple of simple checks could offer the reassurance they are looking for.

Last year, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) introduced a mandatory logo, for display on every

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How to Turn Your Home Into a Gym

We recently discussed the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet paired with cholesterol lowering foods. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to the second component of a healthy lifestyle: exercise!

Exercise is a great way to support the action of cholesterol lowering foods, but we know that if you’re new to it, or don’t have a lot of time – it can be hard

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Do Health-Boosting Foods Really Work?

More and more foods claiming to have significant health benefits are hitting the shelves – products like ‘good’ bacteria-boosting yoghurts, cholesterol-lowering spreads, and high-fibre brans, for example.

Consequently, many consumers are starting to notice these products and ask questions like: ‘what is high cholesterol?’ and ‘what is good bacteria?’ Of course, the underlying concern for most is also – ‘do these health-boosting foods really work?’ And

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3 ways to reduce the chance for obesity

Obesity has been a hot issue lately, which will do harm to one’s health increasing the incidence of some diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and more. To cope with obesity, newvoucher recommends you several ways to reduce your chance for it.
Have one more hour sleep – obesity rate reduces by 9%
Sleep is the most effective way to lose weight for regular sleep

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Celebrities under fire for endorsing unhealthy products

Late October, singer Katy Perry came under fire by consumer groups who sought to highlight what they saw as her celebrity promotion and endorsement of the Pepsi brand and their sugary drink, Pepsi Cola.

Product endorsements come in all types. The Brita water filter featured on the weight loss show The Biggest Loser with presenters “introducing” the idea of clean water to the contestants and NASCAR

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Halford run massive re-cycling event for bikes for Africa

From this coming Thursday, the 11th July until Tuesday the 16th July Halfords, the largest bike retailer in the UK are inviting their customers to dig out those long forgotten bikes cluttering up sheds and garages and brink them along to any of their 460 outlets.

Working alongside the charity Re-Cycle,Halfords are organising the biggest bike trade in event ever seen in the UK and aim

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Tips for purchasing a rise and recliner chair

For many, the difficulty is standing up or sitting down due to limited mobility has become a thing of the past thanks to the latest models in the rise and recliner chair market. These chairs provide support and comfort for those who suffer from such illnesses as asthma, arthritis, back pain, circulatory problems etc, and they also offer an alternative seating option to those who

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Choosing a digital hearing aid

Anybody of any age can be affected by a loss of hearing, this may come on slowly as the result of an illness, or instantly if the sufferer has been involved in some kind of accident or trauma. Only those who put vanity over their ability to hear will not have sought help to rectify their hearing loss as this can be dangerous for the

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The different stair lifts that are currently available

Those suffering from mobility problems will more often than not find that their biggest struggle is getting up and down the stairs. Thanks to the invention of stair lifts a couple of decades ago, no longer are they forced to stay on one level, and they can go up to bed and come down in the morning just as the rest of us do. The

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5 jobs that increase the risks of asbestos exposure

The history of asbestos is long and tangled. The naturally occurring mineral was used widely during the 20th century as an incredibly effective insulator. Being waterproof, heatproof and even soundproof, it was seen as something of a miracle in construction.

It was also highly dangerous and, from the 1960s onwards, little by little there has been a push back against it. It was in the 1970s

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