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UKinsuranceNET warns of possible cost of property money making ideas

The article, entitled:  Renting out your cellar, garden and even your patio: How YOU can make £1000 a week – from your house  in yesterday’s Daily Mail, suggested renting out a cellar for storage, a living room for homeworkers who don’t want to work from coffee shops, and even the kitchen for aspiring bakers.

Steve Bradley, MD of one of the UK’s leading insurance broking websites, 

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Landlords Need To Read Insurance Cover Agreements Carefully

With just a typical malicious damage claim that could amount to a very expensive £2,529 Cover4LetProperty , specialist for landlords insurance, are encouraging landlords to thoroughly read and understand their landlords insurance policies to guarantee that they have a relevant cover.

Malicious damage is also defined as an intentional or deliberately harming of other people’s property and considered as a criminal offense.

Richard Burgess, Director at Cover4LetProperty,

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Why Black Will Never Go Out of Fashion

The way the home is styled is influenced heavily by current interior design trends and the recommendations that come from experts with the aim to create a modern and functional environment that is stylish and practical for those that reside within it.

Source: http://www.biawow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Black-And-White-Interior-Design-for-Apartment-White-Round-Chair-Budha-Head-Ornament.jpg

As with fashion, interior design carries certain trends that will never go out of fashion and the style consideration that appears year

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Find your best performing local estate agent thanks to whosoldwhere.co.uk

If you are considering selling your house and want to find out which estate agent in your area is performing the best is now incredibly easy thanks to a new website.

whosoldwhere.co.uk launches today, and lets you view which have been the top performing estate agents over the past six, twelve and twenty four months. Even more importantly is that you can also select agents by

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Tenancy fraud on the increase

Across the world, only 12 people have been evicted due to tenancy fraud. However, if you are going to ask the opinions of politicians they will tell you that they think this figure should be a lot higher as there are thousands of residents living in social housing they are not entitled to. The main type of tenancy fraud is the unauthorised subletting of properties,

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The different stair lifts that are currently available

Those suffering from mobility problems will more often than not find that their biggest struggle is getting up and down the stairs. Thanks to the invention of stair lifts a couple of decades ago, no longer are they forced to stay on one level, and they can go up to bed and come down in the morning just as the rest of us do. The

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Is a security system exactly what your home has been missing?

It is human nature to go to any lengths possible to protect the things you own and keeping your home safe from intrusion is among the greatest priorities for the vast majority of people. Theft is something that occurs on an all-too-frequent basis and it is a problem that has to be faced in the right way. Home security systems have been installed in a

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Sell your house online for fixed price of £249

Online UK Estate Agency, My Online Estate Agent, has trimmed their fees to a £249 fixed fee deal per listing.  In comparison to the fees of traditional estate agents these offer potential siginificant savings

My Online Estate Agent provide the following services:

£249 fixed fee deal per listing.
My Online Estate Agent list properties on all the main property portals and websites, such as Zoopla and Rightmove, for

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How To Make Your House Move Less Stressful

House moving is considered to be among the most stressful episodes a person can go through in the course of their lives. There are however things that can be done to decrease the amount of unwanted, unhealthy tension.


Not everybody is inherently well organized, but in this instance you have to be. There is no chance that a person can go through the daunting task of

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Weatherproof Garden Furniture? Yes, It Exists!

Do you hate covering your garden furniture or bringing it indoors every time it rains? Unfortunately, garden furniture usually does not withstand exposure to the outdoor elements particularly well, while even all protective coatings in the world cannot make it weatherproof in the real meaning of the word. But if you choose the right outdoor furniture, you will not have to look up in the

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