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Privacy warning over new smart meters

A watchdog for the EU has warned that energy meters that are supposed to be ‘smart’ may actually bring with them a measurable privacy risk. According to the European Data Protection Supervisor, safeguards are needed to make sure that firms exercise caution when they upload consumers’ information into the meters to make sure that the details do not fall in the wrong hands.

Some of the

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3DTV is Finally Here

We had analogue versus digital, standard definition (SD) versus high definition (HD) but the format wars are about to get serious as TV channels prepare for yet another great move: 3D TV (with and without glasses).

3D TV has been an aspiration for TV technicians and enthusiasts, since the popularity of futuristic programs and films in the 70s. The launch of such products as the  ‘LG

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UK freelancers benefit as BRIC economies continue to grow

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As the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China continue to develop, the economic growth seen by the “big four” is having a direct impact on Britain’s job market, claims leading online business exchange company, PeoplePerHour.com.

Although it’s true that the UK job market has certainly suffered tremendously at the hands of the latest economic downturn, the problem seems to be being reversed by

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New pint glasses will help protect drinkers

Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, unveiled new safer pint glasses at the Design Council today that were the chosen pick of a competition sponsored by the Home Office entitled ‘Design Out Crime.’  The use of the new safe glasses could help reduce the 87,000 injuries that occur each year in pubs and bars.

Two designs were chosen for use out of the entries: the Glass Plus

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