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Online fraud costing UK consumers more than originally thought

UK consumers are losing more than originally thought with online fraud losses continuing to grow over the past few years. It is estimated now that about one out of every ten people in the UK has lost money from an online fraud over the past two years according to a new survey conducted by the University of Kent.

The Centre for Cyber Security conducted a survey

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Expert believes most smartphones are at risk of cyber attacks

It’s probably safe to say that the majority of smartphone users have no idea if their phone is ‘secure’ as far as hackers are concerned, or how to go about making it secure if it isn’t. The bad news is: odds are fairly high that the phone you’re using is vulnerable to a cyber attack and your privacy and financial data are at risk. This

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Gambler sold stolen goods on eBay to feed his habit

A supply firm manager was found guilty of taking over £40,000 in goods and then selling them on eBay in order to pay his gambling debts. Jamie Leckenby aged 40 worked at Eriks UK, a supply firm located in Howden. The company supplies engineering products on both a local and international level to customers.

In June of 1999 he received the job title of service centre

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UK identity theft hot spots revealed

A new survey by Experian has revealed that the top location in the UK for identity theft outside certain areas of London is Altrincham. The town in Cheshire has recorded 13 attempts at fraud for every 10000 adults and residents are being targeted at more than 3 times over the national average.

This is in comparison with the 11 attempts per 10000 in London overall, although

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‘Second chance’ eBay scam escalating

The “second chance” eBay scam has been around for quite a while, and it’s certainly not confined to a single individual or group; apparently lots of people with sufficient computer savvy and a lack of scruples have employed the same tactics. In 2004 the Register ran an article by John Leyden warning eBay users to beware of ‘second chance’ offers that looked legitimate but weren’t;

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The T’s & C’s for online bookies are as easy to read as Nietzsche

Having used a special tool to assess how readable text is, it has been discovered that when it comes to the terms and conditions of online bookmakers, at least two fifths of users in Britain cannot understand them when reading them due to complexity of the way they are written. It was also revealed that one third of terms were written in such a way

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ZoneAlarm helps you deal with an email hack attack

The hacking of emails is now one of the most common attacks that are made against users on the internet, and the reports of such incidents are reportedly on the rise. During March of this year, it was revealed that those who use Yahoo!, the third largest providers of emails in the world, were the latest victims of what is termed a ‘large scale hacking

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EU losses from fraud much greater than previously thought

The European Union is suffering losses from fraud that are vastly larger than previous reports have indicated. According to a report from the House of Lords EU sub-committee released 4/18, there are a lot of weaknesses in the EU’s anti-fraud system, and the main one is failure of member countries to take responsibility for reporting fraud to the Commission.

The report was highly critical of both

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Online fraudster used ex-girlfriend’s details on his crime spree

An online villain, otherwise known as a fraudster, has recently been apprehended by authorities for using stolen and fake IDs for financial transactions. To make matters worse, he used his ex-girlfriend’s details that paved his way to go on a shopping spree worth £17,000.

The name of this online villain is Barry Dockerty, whose ex-girlfriend was required to pay around £780 to ensure that the good

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Probation for woman who sold stolen jewellery on eBay

Three years probation was meted out on a Dummerston woman who was found guilty of committing fraud after she sold on eBay the jewellery she stole from her employers. US Attorney Doherty said Andrea Carrasquillo will be confined in her home for four months followed by another four mouths of curfew.

She was also ordered to pay $19,566 to her victims. Carrasquillo, a court record revealed,

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