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EU losses from fraud much greater than previously thought

The European Union is suffering losses from fraud that are vastly larger than previous reports have indicated. According to a report from the House of Lords EU sub-committee released 4/18, there are a lot of weaknesses in the EU’s anti-fraud system, and the main one is failure of member countries to take responsibility for reporting fraud to the Commission.

The report was highly critical of both

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Mother warns other of eBay scam

A 25 year old mother from Nether Kellet is warning online shoppers to be careful after she accidently found herself the victim of a scam on eBay. The mother of three lost £277 while attempting to sell her Ford Galaxy on eBay.

She explained that a man contacted her that said he was interested in purchasing her vehicle. He asked her to send £277 via Western

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Staff members cost the Scottish NHS a fortune

Dishonest staff members were responsible for eight of the ten largest frauds against the Scottish NHS in the last four years. Since the 2008/2009 year, NHS Scotland has been swindled out of about £2.2m and over £750,000 was stolen in one year alone.

Most of the frauds were found to be ‘inside jobs’ and four of the suspected workers were able to gt away with their

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Postage scam lands businesswoman in court

It makes one wonder if there isn’t a great deal of similar money-saving scheming going on in the global mail-order-by-internet business. Samantha Keen of Ipswich had an online business selling dried milk products to customers all over the world, and she was using an apparently simple method of saving on her shipping costs: she printed out multiple mailing labels after paying for just one.

The only

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Heating helpline assists homeowners in choosing the right solar heating

Heating helpline assists homeowners in choosing the right solar heating

Expert advice is issued from Heating Helpline for homeowners who are considering purchasing fitted hot water solar panels – with guides on how they can turn away from the rip-off actions of the numerous “solar cowboys” who are operating in the UK.

With the outstanding rise in energy bills in households over a course of three

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Hackers access government website to highlight security flaws

It has been revealed that computer hackers have been able to get hold of the personal details belonging to dozens of job seekers on the government run Universal Jobmatch website and have said that they did it purely to highlight the vulnerability of the website. The data they have been able to access includes national insurance numbers, passwords and even scanned images of passports.

This is

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Landlords rejoice as rents continue to rise

As many potential first time home buyers are being forced into the rental market along with homeowners that can no longer afford to keep their homes and those in the buy to let market have been rejoicing as rents continue to rise and their properties experience a competitive amount of inquiries.

In fact, due to the high deposits attached to most of the best mortgage deals and the

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The rules regarding the FAS

The Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) was first announced on May 2004 by the government and actually started in September of 2005. The point of the scheme is to offer financial assistance to members of applicable pension schemes that lost a portion, or all, of their pension following the ‘winding-up’ of underfunding that occurred between the years of 1997 and 2005 and since then, in some

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Experian find that the affluent owe nearly 100m of the country’s council tax debt

£170m of council tax debt, that is owed to a wide range of both urban and rural local authorities across the whole of England has been analysed by Experian. This analysis has revealed that £28m, or 17%, is owed by those who live in the most affluent area and when this figure is applied to the total English council tax debt of £600m, it suggests

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Consumers warned of loan scams in the lead up to Christmas

Once again, the police are having to warn consumers about cash scams if they are trying to secure a cash loan before Christmas. These scams promise easy money with few restrictions, but currently officers are dealing with cases where a person has applied for a loan to a company and has then been asked to give money upfront in order to secure the loan.

Needless to

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