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Building & Engineering Services Association and bogus gas installers

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), on average there are three successful prosecutions every week against bogus gas installers carrying out gas work in homes when they are not qualified to do so.  Gas Safe – the gas safety watchdog body – estimate that over 250,000 such jobs are undertaken each year and 90% of these are not completed to the required

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Tenancy fraud on the increase

Across the world, only 12 people have been evicted due to tenancy fraud. However, if you are going to ask the opinions of politicians they will tell you that they think this figure should be a lot higher as there are thousands of residents living in social housing they are not entitled to. The main type of tenancy fraud is the unauthorised subletting of properties,

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Warrant out for man who pretended to be his father

A warrant has been placed on a man in Barrhead who pretended to be his father for six months while he went on an online spending spree. After charges were placed against George Petrie from Darnley Road he failed to appear on his court date. He is facing charges of spending over £1,500 on shopping purchases online after stealing the identity of his father.

The 34

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Money laundering reaches unprecedented heights thanks to digital currency

Money laundering has reached new heights in the form of digital currency in the billions of dollars moving through cyberspace over the past few years. The alleged culprit is Liberty Reserves, and the liberty it offered was the opportunity to create an online bank account with virtually no questions asked. All it required was a name, an address and a birth date, none of which

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Wonga customers duped in latest email scam

Wonga clients are the latest to fall victim to a scam which duped them into divulging sensitive information about their accounts. The scam that was perpetrated through spam e-mails was reported by the Guardian. The scam was carried out by fraudsters through spam e-mails linked to a fake Wonga website where clients are asked to pass details of their personal accounts.

The bogus emails were generated

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Brits fall victim to Internet scan from India

A huge number of Brits became victim of an Indian call centre and internet scam, investigators found out recently. In the conducted investigation, it was found out that approximately 60,000 British people were deceived.

Most of them lost an accumulated £90 and £250 in the said scam. There are also those who lost more money like the man who disclosed that he lost more than £200,000.

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Essex pawnbroker victim of Facebook scam

An Essex pawnbroker discovered a Facebook scam where a company was using its name to trade. The con affected people that had good attentions and wanted to purchase items from Essex Cash Xchange on Ness Road in Shoebury.

Victims of the fraud would pay for the items that they wanted on Paypal but then they would never receive their items after payment was made. The pawnbroker

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Wonga customers victims of scam

Customers of payday loan company Wonga are the latest to be affected by a large scale scam after they were duped into sharing their account details with someone pretending to be a representative of the company. This fraudster sent out phishing emails that asked the customers to follow a link to the website so that they can log in and offer the fraudsters access to

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Cyber crime statistics continue to rise at alarming rate

A new report released by the British intelligence services estimates that as many as one thousand attacks occur against Brits online every hour. Cyber crime statistics are growing every year according to the agency, and until citizens learn to protect themselves there will likely not be a decrease in attacks.

Ritu Taura for example is a mother of two and a Hertfordshire housewife that did not

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eBay fraudster receives fine and community service

A man that has been convicted of three counts of fraud on the popular auction website eBay has been ordered by the courts to pay £1,250 compensation to his victims. Nicholas Skinner advertised two Toyotas and a caravan on his eBay account, but after purchasers bought the vehicles and deposited money into Skinner’s bank account they did not hear from him again.

Skinner, aged 25 from

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