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Facing Facts: Healthy and Unhealthy Fats

On the news and in the media more generally, you often hear reports listing words like ‘cholesterol’, ‘trans fats’ or ‘polyunsaturated fat’. To the uninitiated, this can be confusing at best, and at worst a minefield with no real solutions advising what you should and shouldn’t eat. This article will run through some come healthy and unhealthy fats, and outline their impact, including dietary advice

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What Does Your Funeral Home Do Before The Funeral Service?

The job of a funeral home is something you may not be familiar with, especially if you’ve had no prior dealings with one. In order to help you make the funeral arrangements it may be useful to understand a little about what they do.

Receiving the body

The funeral home has a very important job in organising a funeral and helping the grieving family make all the

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Protecting your car in cold weather

When the temperature drops outside, you can turn the heating up indoors or put on a few extra layers – but your car can’t do the same whilst it’s parked on your driveway. It’s very important to look after your car during the colder months of the year to keep it working properly, as cold weather can affect the battery, engine, and many other parts

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Christmas Presents Over the Years

Christmas is a time honored tradition and the annual question on everyone’s lips is what present should they get for the loved ones. This infographic from MoneySupermarket shows the evolution of the must have Christmas presents over the years and how we’re stumping up more money for it.

Image source: MoneySupermarket;

The versatile cereal that is granola

Our breakfast cereals have come a long way in recent years, and the general trend has been to move towards cereals packed with natural ingredients that are better for us than the traditional ones that need half a ton of sugar poured over the top to make them edible. Muesli has been with us for decades and this breakfast dish favoured by the Swiss had

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The history of cupcakes

We all know that trends come and go in home baking just as in any other part of life, and nobody can fail to have noticed that over the past year or two we have, literally, gone cupcake crazy. We simply can’t stop making these delicious little tasty treats, whether they are for special occasions or simply to act as a dessert after tea. Many

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Learning Law

If there’s one area of education that’s always in demand, its law. The law is an ever-present part of society. As such, there’s always a need for lawyers, legal advisory aids and countless other jobs requiring a law degree.

To this end, you might be interested in taking up a law degree yourself. Of course, this isn’t always easy, so you might want some assistance. Here

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People still unaware of the many benefits of a smart meter

Interestingly, government research was recently revealed that many people like the idea of having a smart meter, but as a general rule, they’re not actually aware of what they are. Because of this lack of awareness that has been displayed, one of the leading smart meter makers in the country, Itron, has suggested that an education campaign be launched to inform people about its work.


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What is a compromise agreement and what protection does it give you?

It’s unfortunate when workplace disagreements happen. The environment which you work in is one of the most important factors for job satisfaction, so once this is tainted it can be difficult to continue working for your employer.

On the other hand you may not have had a choice in the matter and been let go due to an issue your employer has had with you or

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Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Smartphone

Today’s parents remain divided about whether or not to allow their children to carry their own smartphones. For those who support the idea, providing a safe and easy way to stay connected wherever they go is worth dealing with the additional costs and potential for distractions that can occur when children carry mobile handsets.

However, simply handing you child a smartphone without taking the time to

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