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Save money buying Christmas presents with Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two of the biggest days for retail in 2016 are now just a month away, and UK consumers are after a bargain to kick off their Christmas shopping.

But how can shoppers make the most of the deals they find in store and online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

1. Use a price comparison website or app.

On idealo.co.uk, consumers can compare the prices of nearly all

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Christmas Presents Over the Years

Christmas is a time honored tradition and the annual question on everyone’s lips is what present should they get for the loved ones. This infographic from MoneySupermarket shows the evolution of the must have Christmas presents over the years and how we’re stumping up more money for it.

Image source: MoneySupermarket;

The British obsession with tea make gift buying so much easier

A cup of char, or Rosie Lee, or simply tea, depending on where you live is truly a drink for all occasions. Whether you are thirsty, tired or feeling blue, everything seems better with a cup of tea, and sharing a problem is always easier with your hands wrapped around a cup of the nation’s favourite beverage. Whether you have a penchant for black, green,

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Top 5 Festive Frugal Tips

Christmas is on our doorstep and with this in mind many parents with families up and down the country, are watching their savings. With this in mind, here are the top five festive frugal tips you can use to make sure you save plenty of money this Christmas.

Shop on the Internet

There are a host of bargains waiting to be discovered online. From clothes to electric

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Payday loans may help many over Christmas

It is expected that across the UK thousands of homes will be utilising payday loans to ensure that they can pay their bills and afford Christmas. These loans are likely to cause a great problem to those who take them out in 2012.

Financial advisers across the UK have said that people’s money is being stretched more than ever before in this Christmas period. Morrisons has

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