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UKinsuranceNET warns of possible cost of property money making ideas

The article, entitled:  Renting out your cellar, garden and even your patio: How YOU can make £1000 a week – from your house  in yesterday’s Daily Mail, suggested renting out a cellar for storage, a living room for homeworkers who don’t want to work from coffee shops, and even the kitchen for aspiring bakers.

Steve Bradley, MD of one of the UK’s leading insurance broking websites, 

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Making a compensation claim after an accident

It seems at the minute that every commercial break on TV brings with it an advert for making a claim for compensation if you have suffered some kind of accident that wasn’t your fault. While this may seem like an overload of what has been described as ‘compensation culture’ the simple fact is that thousands of us do suffer accidents that others are responsible for,

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Knowing when to claim liability insurance

According to various facts and figures, society is becoming more litigious. People, groups and organisations tend to be more willing to go to court over a perceived injustice because doing so carries little financial penalty. Many solicitors operate on a no-win, no-fee basis and most companies trade with sufficient indemnity.

Public liability insurance, for example, provides a degree of protection for businesses that might have to

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