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Row.co.uk study reveals UK’s top home emergency fears


While heights and spiders may be some of the UK’s biggest collective fears, there are other fears which are often overlooked – the fear of home emergencies.

In a study by the appliance and boiler insurance company Row.co.uk, it was found that the ultimate home emergency fear is discovering burst pipes and finding the house flooded. Almost 29% of us are afraid of this, which is

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Miss-Sold Insurance Labelled ‘UK’s Biggest Financial Crime’

The miss-selling of insurance policies has been branded the UK’s ‘biggest financial crime’ by one expert this year. The PPI scandal that has engulfed banking has hit a payout total of £23bn to customers – a figure which could have funded the 2012 Olympics twice over – and the number of complaints about miss-sold life insurance recently rose 26% in just one year. Indeed, the

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How Many Different Types of Insurance Are There?

Whether it be to protect our home, our finances or our health, insurance products are one of the most common things purchased by individuals. With so many different types of insurance product available, finding the best one for our needs can sometimes be difficult. So what types of insurance are available? And how can you make sure that you are investing in the right one?


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