£1.25m mortgage fraud sends mother of three to jail

A mother of three and former legal executive has been jailed for her participation in a £1.25m mortgage fraud that involved fake mortgage applications. Humaira Shah, 46, of Luton submitted different applications to a number of lenders that amounted to an attempt of almost £3m in fraud.

She was part of a network of organized crime and was recruited by the group because of her position as property conveyancer. Before authorities could catch up with her she had already pocketed over £1.25 million through the scams. She was convicted of six fraud offences and 11 counts of converting criminal property at Luton Crown Court.

The jury heard the plans that Shah had made of starting over in a new life in Liberia after having opened a foreign bank account and a business there. She is not thought of as the ring leader in the recent scam.

Zyed Zeesahn Maroof known as Mr. Big is said to have fled the country with a large proportion of the scam money that had quickly been deposited into accounts and even more quickly withdrawn or transferred.

A total of over £1 million remained unaccounted for. Before she was struck off as legal executive she had opened two law offices in Luton both with the same address. She also was guilty of acts intending to pervert public justice because of a fake immigration process.

She was found guilty by jury after having denied all charges. The court was told that she made very little from the fraud and that she had been corrupted by others. The structure of purchasing properties on mortgages is dependent upon the integrity and honestly of conveyancers, the judge told her.