100 Hour Price Crash Online from PC World and Currys

Cyber Monday starts on 28 November and until then many discounted products with a value of several million pounds will be being offered at stores of PC World and Currys. The retailers have organised the sale in order to help people afford Christmas in more troubled economic times. This is the biggest sale to ever take place at the retailers just before Christmas.

The sale will be starting at 3 PM on 24 November, Thursday and will continue throughout the weekend and finish on Monday night. It is expected that this will be one of the largest shopping days of the year for the retailers and other electronics manufacturers are expecting big sales on Monday.

Currys and PC World are predicting a record-breaking 25% extra visitors to their sites across the 100 Hour Price Drop. The promotion, which will run on both www.Currys.co.uk andwww.PCWorld.co.uk, will offer customers some great market-beating deals across major brands and product categories, including iPads, Xbox Kinect, large screen TVs and computing products and gifts – for the whole weekend.

Commenting on behalf of Dixons Retail, Anina Castle said: “As part of our peak promotions we have been surveying our customers ‘Wish Lists’* for Christmas, to ensure that we include some of the products our customers really want to get including the Xbox Kinect , Dr Dre Beats headphones which feature in the top ten.”

“Last year we saw visitors to our websites increase by around 15% on Cyber Monday. This year we are predicting an increase of up to 25% across the whole weekend as canny customers prepare for Christmas by seeking out online bargains.”