19 year old in £12 million internet scam

A nineteen year-old son of a politician was the mastermind behind a huge Internet scam and an infamous website.  Nick Webber, son of Tony Webber who was formerly a Guernsey politician, masterminded a stolen credit card ring with a potential net of about £12 million.

He was assisted in his criminal enterprise by Samantha Worley, 22, Gary Kelly, 21, and Shakira Ricardo who all admitted to charges associated with a website called Ghostmaker.  Ghostmaker offered stolen credit card features on cards from the EU, U.S., and the UK.  The account information was sold for varying amounts, depending upon the origin of the account.

Webber is said to be a master hacker and admitted to charges of conspiracy and fraud.  Kelly pleaded guilty to a variety of the same charges and also charges of causing unauthorized modification of computers.  Ricardo admitted to conspiracy and fraud, along with receiving criminal property.  Worley admitted to a single charge for receiving criminal property.

When Webber was caught, there was data on his laptop linking him to scams involving over 60,000 bank accounts worldwide, and more than 100,000 accounts for credit cards.  Webber, who is reported to have gone to school at Southsea, Hampshire, was the man in charge of the Internet scam.

The website reportedly only existed to aid in compromising bank accounts and credit cards, and to distribute malicious software.

Webber was arrested last October after he ran up around £1000 on a compromised credit card at a resort hotel.  He skipped bail and ran to Palma, Majorca.  He was again arrested upon arriving at Gatwick Airport.

In court, it was argued that he is a flight risk and should not be given bail.  Prosecutors pointed out, that with his computer knowledge; he could easily create a new identity and disappear.  He is being held in custody pending a sentencing hearing on 28 February 2011.