3 ways to reduce the chance for obesity

Obesity has been a hot issue lately, which will do harm to one’s health increasing the incidence of some diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and more. To cope with obesity, newvoucher recommends you several ways to reduce your chance for it.
Have one more hour sleep – obesity rate reduces by 9%
Sleep is the most effective way to lose weight for regular sleep will not only solve the problem of being overweight but also save you large amounts of money. A survey conducted by www.newvoucher.co.uk polled 200 UK residents on their sleeping hours, the results of which show that ghrelin managing sense of hunger will increase about 100% percent and leptin adjusting fat content will decrease relatively if you sleep 4 hours on average on two consecutive days. Just have enough sleep for a healthy life now!
Milk does some help with obesity
It’s believed that drinking milk will obese due to its abundant fat. Actually, drinking more milk can control one’s weight and 2 bottles of milk each day will effectively reduce the chance for teenage obesity. As long as you dont choose whole milk, then the fat content wont be a problem.
Other tips: female can choose low fat milk or evaporated milk if still worrying about being fat. However, vitamin A, D, E and K within milk will lose if you choose those milk. Thus, it is necessary for you to do some exercises if you want to get all the nutrients and control your weight at the same time.
Have a clean and beautiful environment
Have a good living situation will delight housewives and decrease their odds of being overweight. A research conducted by new voucher blog polled 1449 mothers on their living and health condition reveals that female obesity rate is up to 48% when they are living in those dirty rooms with many unstable factors. The poor living conditions will bring women loneliness and pressure resulting in over-eating, over-drinking and irregular life. Only when female live in a good environment with friendly relations can they keep a good mood and reduce the chance for obesity.