Online fraud increases by double

The UK continues to lose more money due to online fraud, recent reports confirm.  In fact, in the past six months since March there has been an increase in Internet frauds perpetrated on UK citizens.

The average amount of loss due to online fraud has pretty much doubled within the most recent six months, when compared to the six months previous.  Since March, the average online fraud loss has risen to a high of about £700 in comparison to a high of about £350 in the six months prior to March.

Experts say this is because of a lack of diligence on the part of consumers.  Consumers have allowed their guard to be lowered in regard to using enhanced security sites.  More consumers admit to not restricting themselves to business on verified sites only, and these consumers are being hurt by fraud.

There are always scammers out there, willing to take advantage of online buyers.  Consumers must protect themselves by making sure they only use secure, verified sites for conducting business.  Companies like VeriSign check and approve the legitimacy of an online site.

This site is then allowed to display the VeriSign approval, signifying that the company has determined it is a safe place to conduct business.

Consumers must also be willing to do their own due diligence to ensure that they are doing business with a legitimate website and not a fake or clone of the real one.  They can accomplish this by checking the site with the legitimate operators and making certain they are going to the right place.

They can also look for signs of enhanced security and verification from businesses like VeriSign or others.