5 Different Kinds of Cookers: Too Many Cooks?

Ovens, one of the most essential appliances in any home to help us to, well, eat! To the people who think it just magically creates amazing food at will, you might be surprised to hear that there are a range of different cookers available – some even called range cookers incidentally – that all perform different functions and help us to achieve the same end goal – amazing meals!

The different models all have different functions and capabilities, meaning that you can have a cooker that is the right size for your needs and also the size of your kitchen. Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have kitchens that are like the ones you see on the television with space to feed hundreds of people, they have barely enough room to move around, but they can make exactly the same meals in their compact preparation areas that those in the larger rooms can prepare.

So what kinds of cookers are there, and is it a case of too many cook(ers) spoil the broth?


This is the most common form of cooker. You might see this style of cooker in any typical kitchen, often with cooker hoods over them to catch the steam, smoke and smells that come out as you prepare your food. They are big enough to cook standard family meals and are perfect for baking, roasting, grilling and boiling.


A double oven is more commonly found in larger kitchens and those of people who love cooking as a hobby rather than a necessity. They’re usually taller and/or wider than the more traditional ovens and take up much more space so if you know you’re likely to be restricted for room in your kitchen, it might pay to measure up first and put something where your double oven might go just to see how you would cope. You don’t want to have to send it back because it doesn’t fit!


This is part of the great kitchen debate; do you opt for a gas or electric oven? One of the main reasons that people choose the electric option is the even heat distribution. This means that everything inside the oven will be cooked all around and should be ready when you expect it to be.


Gas ovens will require installation by a professional because of working with gas, but they’re a highly popular choice for the majority of kitchens. Gas is much cheaper to cook with so is more cost-efficient than electric.


Compact ovens are the choice for people with very small kitchens, looking to find a way of cooking their food quickly and easily. The most “space efficient” option on the market, they take up very little room but you are somewhat restricted in how much you can prepare, usually featuring just an oven and grill function.