60-year old house tenant conman caught

Trevor Jones, a 60-year old conman, was arrested for trying to sell the property he was renting. He made £20,000 in the deal. He pretended to own two Cheetham Hill houses in Manchester. Now he will stand under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which is designed to retrieve the money.

Keith Ferguson, 39, the actual owner of the home did not learn of the con until three years after it was completed. Jones forged Ferguson’s signature to transfer the deeds. Then he pretended to be him in order to transfer the money to another bank account.

Jones, a father of seven children, entered a guilty plea on the charges of using a false instrument with intent, money laundering, and obtaining a money transfer by deception. He spent a mere one and a quarter years in jail.

The prosecutor, Gary Woodall, reported that Leach and Co, Manchester solicitors, were under the impression they were conducting a transaction with the actual owner, not knowing Jones actual identity.

He said, “Ferguson’s driver’s license with photo, along with the paper version, were given as identity.” Mr. Ferguson told the court that he had purchased the houses during the nineties and assigned his father to deal with the daily operations of them.

Jones said he had given the older Mr. Ferguson two thousand pounds to resume the mortgage payments, in order to some day take ownership. They had reached an agreement that Jones could still reside in one house at a reduced rate of rent. Then he supposedly paid the older Mr. Ferguson £10,000 cash.

The presiding Judge Michael Henshell admitted it was anyone’s guess how Mr, Ferguson’s licence got into the hands of Mr. Jones. He told Jones, “You misled solicitors by your actions. Your level of fraud was grave, indeed.”

Mr. Page, who purchased the houses, was cleared of charges.