A guide to contact lenses

When contact lenses first came about, glasses wearers saw them as the liberation they had been waiting for from the permanent use of spectacles. Many, however, simply couldn’t get the hang of them; found them too expensive, or simply suffered from vision impairments such as astigmatism for which the lenses offered no relief. It is safe to say that over the past few decades there has been an enormous leap forward in the technology that goes into contact lenses, and there are very few now who find themselves unable to use them.  What’s more they are increasingly becoming cheaper thanks to online stores for regular supplies such as welovelenses.

Today’s are a million miles away from the originals, and those who always thought they couldn’t wear lenses are now walking around with a spring in their step due to the fact that they have lenses that are so comfortable they forget they are wearing them. Opticians ensure that you can both remove and put in place your contact lenses before you leave the shop, and many report that first trip out glasses free as both liberating and rewarding.

If you are thinking of replacing your glasses contact lenses your first step is to book an eye test. Never go off an old prescription as even if you think there is no change in your vision there invariably will be and these will be highlighted once you have your lenses in. By having an up to date test you can relax in the knowledge that not only are you getting an accurate prescription, but you will also find out if contact lenses are suitable for you from a medical point of view.

Your optician will also advise you on what type of lenses will be best for your eyes, as well as giving you a full explanation of how to use them and take care of them. It is vital that you take in everything they tell you as the care aspect is vital so you don’t suffer any nasty eye infections from not looking after your lenses properly. This is the really only cause for concern as the technology employed in modern contact lenses means that very few experience any kind of problems wearing them.

When you start wearing contact lenses for the first time they should not feel uncomfortable in any way and if they do tell your optician immediately. Also remember that contact lenses are designed to be worn for a certain amount of time and for both your health and your comfort you shouldn’t go over this, and never go to bed in them. By bearing these few rules in mind, you and your contact lenses will have a long and happy life together.