A Master of Business from Middlesex

Middlesex University grew in the 1970’s from a number of different colleges and schools to form a string of campuses under the umbrella of one university in the early 90’s. From the start of the millennium the university has further consolidated its schools and teaching programmes into three main sites, spending more than £150 million in doing so. Since becoming a university, Middlesex has opened several offices in Europe, and as of 2011, has opened 21 more across the globe.

The university’s aim to concentrate its campuses and teaching over fewer sites, to save money and become more efficient, also saw it placing a focus on the academic areas which it excels in: business, computing and the arts.

A MBA (Master of Business Administration) was developed as 19th century; American companies sought scientific management practices to complement their rapidly industrialising businesses. It is globally recognised as a high accolade of business acumen, and managing expertise.

The programme, which in Middlesex in undertaken part time over three years or full time for one year covers the areas that a senior manager must undertake in order to successfully run a business, including strategy, finance, enterprise, products and business process, with an overall focus on enterprise and consultancy.

The course requires an upper class second degree (or equivalent) as well as at least two years experience in management and a good proficiency with English language – at least grade C GCSE or equivalent. The most common English language qualification is the internationally recognised IELTS; Middlesex requires an overall score of 6.5, with an overall score of 6.0 in all four components or TOEFL which is internet based, requiring a score of 87 (with at least 21 in listening & writing, 22 in speaking and 23 in reading).

Middlesex university is not only located in London, one of the business and financial capitals of the world, but also has links with institutions all over the world. Included within the course fees is a trip abroad, to soak up business practices and build all important contacts. Rather than a dissertation, the MBA course at Middlesex takes a more modular approach to the course, with a final project designed to be a business proposition, which can be for an actual business, a business proposition, or an entrepreneurial undertaking.

Middlesex has one of the oldest MBA courses in the country, and a good setting for business. Whether it’s improving job prospects, or for a change in career, an MBA is certainly something to consider.

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