A new boiler could slash your energy bills

Whilst the boilers in our homes may have been somewhat underutilised during the summer months, it is nearly time for them to come into their own as we will be looking to them to warm out homes throughout the approaching winter months. To tie in with this, there is some timely advice forthcoming from the Heating Helpline.

Colder and damper weather will soon be well and truly upon us and, surprise surprise SSE, one of the UK’s big 6 utility companies, has now announced that they are raising their prices by a whopping 9%. This will apply to both their gas and electricity customers, and it seems only a matter of time until the others follow suit.

The SSE decision affects 5 million electricity customers and 3.4 million gas customers and means SSE’s average standard dual-fuel bill will increase by more than £100 a year from £1,172 to £1,274.

Heating Helpline, the free consumer advice service, says there is one very important step you can take to cut your gas bills – if your gas boiler is around 10 years old it really is worth considering replacing it with a modern condensing boiler. The current generation of ultra efficient condensing boilers convert over 90% of the fuel they use and are up to 40% more fuel efficient than the older boilers they replace. That can represent big savings on your gas bill.

And, as the Heating Helpline points out, it’s not just money at stake but also the well being of your family – around 50 people in the UK still needlessly die every year from preventable carbon monoxide poisoning, with hundreds more made seriously ill, with the biggest culprit being older boilers, especially those that have not been regularly serviced.

So if you think it is time – for economic, environmental and safety reasons – to get your boiler replaced before winter sets in, it’s not difficult to find a reputable, reliable registered engineer. A good place to start is the Heating Helpline on 0800 840 4069 or the website at http://www.heatinghelpline.org.uk.

Operated by B&ES, the Building & Engineering Services Association, the Heating Helpline provides essential information on where homeowners can find a local, reputable installer, how to employ them, how to get the best from them and what to do in the unlikely event that things do go wrong. On the website homeowners can put in their postcode and it will produce a list of reputable, Gas Safe Registered installers in their chosen area.