Amazon being forced to follow European consumer regulations

For those that have purchased an item from Amazon regardless of what it is, if the item failed within the last two years you have the right to demand repair or refund of the item according to the Guardian, everyone who purchases from is covered by the Luxembourg consumer rights law due to its location.

However, those who actually try to enforce that law may have a rough time as Amazon is unbending on handling consumers, even those who can prove that there was a problem from the day they made the purchase.

Luxembourg authorities are now taking a closer look at the company,  after a large amount of complaints were received from the UK, and are using EU regulatory policies in order to force Amazon to live up to the law.

In response, Amazon officials were forced to meet with the ministry of economic affairs and foreign trade and told that consumer rights needed to be published in a clear manner on their website.

The ministry told Guardian Money that it has the rights under the EC regulation 2006/2004 to enforce consumer rights, and as such met with Amazon in order to see how this could best be implemented.  The ministry also said it instructed Amazon to particularly take care of a few of the cases that they received complaints about from the ECC network.

The Basildon, Essex, European Consumer Centre, which handles UK complaints across borders, confirmed that it has sent a few complaints to Luxembourg and has seen a few problems with the company itself.