Amazon warned about shipping shoddy goods from China

The Consumer Fraud Centre is asking Amazon to stop shipping their goods directly out of China without first checking to make sure that there are not environmental hazards. The news comes right after a legal action was launched against several top retailers about possible carcinogens being placed in baby products.

The CFC has asked Inc. to stop allowing direct shipments to be accepted from China into its warehouses on other distribution sites until inspections are made to make sure that there are no environmental hazards in the boxes. The movement is even stronger given the fact that there are now more illicit and counterfeit goods being sold now versus any other prior time.

Consumer Fraud Centre executive director James Lee stated that the practice of allowing Chinese goods to be directly shipped into Amazon’s warehouses without any controls or inspections is placing shoppers and consumers at a large risk. He added that this type of high risk is a clear vulnerability in terms of public safety.

Lee continued to explain that more and more counterfeit goods are being made with potentially dangerous chemicals and via other cheap means placing consumers and the family members of consumers at a very high risk unless some of the major worldwide retailers such as Amazon take better steps to protect them.

The Centre for Environmental Health, a public health charity, asked Amazon and several other large retailers just last week to recall many of their baby products such as nap mats, nappy changing pads, and other foam products that have been found to contain large levels of a flame retardant material that has been linked to cancer.