Angry Consumers Have More Power Than Ever Thanks to the Internet

One disgruntled banking customer is proving to the corporate world just how much the hands of power can change, thanks to modern technology.  After being mis-sold PPI by one of the world’s biggest banks, Christopher George took matters into his own hands by setting up a website in their full name domain , and making a mockery of the international banking corporation.  The registered domain name now classifies the banking giants as a very different type of bank – a sperm bank.

Mr George is at the leading edge of a growing trend for publicly shaming companies rather than just privately complaining as standard.  He had a terrible experience with the bank he’d been loyal to for a decade, as not only was he mis-sold PPI with a business loan but when flagging it up he was accused of lying.  It was a terribly distressing period which went on for six years, which is why Mr George felt it called for such drastic measures.

Christopher George said, “The PPI scandal affected millions of people – in fact 4.5 million individuals in the UK alone have made a claim this year.  It’s about time consumers stopped letting corporate giants get away with poor service and blatant cons; it’s a disgrace.  The age old saying “the customer is always right” seems to have gone out the window, and hopefully I can teach big businesses a lesson with this website.  Thanks to the internet and social media, consumers can be publicly vocal about bad experiences with companies, which can threaten its reputation for a long time.”

Mr George is not the only dissatisfied customer recently to take to the internet to vent their anger.  Social media platforms such as Twitter are great for complaining or taking up issues with national or international companies, with many businesses hiring a dedicated social media manager.  At the start of the month, British Airways received a sharp reminder to deal with queries in a timely manner, as a customer who had lost his luggage made his views known worldwide.  Hasan Syed was a victim of lost luggage while flying with the airline, and after being unhappy with the service he personally paid for promoted tweets in the UK and New York, shaming the company and asking others not to fly with them.  The one man campaign was incredibly powerful and attracted a lot of attention; it also made British Airways respond faster and publicly apologize for the inconvenience.

Mr George hopes to achieve something similar with this campaign and the humorous message to the bank in question.  The site set up in the bank’s full name – – has been registered in Class 05 due to its highly sexual content, focusing on procuring semen for artificial insemination, chemical contraceptives and sexually stimulating gels. As of yet he has had no contact with the bank about his actions, and it does not have the right to complain about the trademark as it hasn’t used its full name in 20 years.

Many people were conned into buying PPI since the scandal began years ago, and have since been awarded compensation – but Mr George has been denied of this.   He took out a business loan to set up a hospitality website, but was forced to shut down after the protection payments proved even larger than the loan itself.

He adds, “Because of the misconduct and cunning actions of this bank, I have lost everything and it is through no fault of my own.  Have I received an apology? No. Have I received a penny in compensation? No. I had no choice but to make my situation public and try and stop this awful episode from happening to other customers.”

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