Apple iPhone 4 eBay fraud

If you are considering purchasing an Apple iPhone 4 you might not want to get it from an online auction site right now.  Around £15,000 of the handsets were recently stolen from Vodafone and they have been popping up on eBay and other online auction sites.

Police are recovering the stolen phones and if you are in possession of any, you might not just lose the money you spent, but get arrested for receiving stolen property, as well.  Since the public has been warned to look out for these particular phones, it would not be unexpected that authorities will level charges against people who go out and buy them anyway.

The phones are literally turning up all over the UK and three people from Newbury and five from Thatcham were arrested in regard to the pilfered handsets.  It has been reported that all eight were bailed for return to the Newbury police at a later time.

Meanwhile, if you have purchased an Apple iPhone that might be suspect, police want you to contact them through your local department or through Vodafone at