Avoid Cowboy Builders with Thorough Checks

When having work done on your home or business, it is critical to vet any tradespeople and contractors you want to employ. Cowboy builders can make away with thousands of pounds or more, so doing some serious research is one of the best investments you can make. Browse company checks with a site like Duedil, have a look online, and ask your friends for personal recommendations.

Get a recommendation

The best way to avoid being scammed by cowboy builders is to get a personal recommendation. If a friend had great work done by a plumber recently, for example, it is always better to use him or her over someone from the phone book. If your friends, family or colleagues can’t recommend anybody, ask the contractor to provide references and follow up with them. If possible, visit in person to view the work and ensure that the recommendation is real and the work is of high quality.

Do a company check

Duedil is a valuable website which allows free access to data from the UK Company House. If you are employing a worker from a certain company, look the company up on Duedil – you can see when they were founded, who the CEO is, if there are any outstanding lawsuits, and what their financial situation is like. This helps prospective clients ensure that the company is real and reputable before signing any contracts.

Do your research

The internet is a powerful tool – use it. Google the tradesman’s name, the company name, and so on to see if you can find any negative reviews. If they claim to be a member of the National House Builders Council or the Federation of Master Builders, check online to see if this is true.

Use common sense

Never pay up front, and always get something in writing. And trust your judgement – if something seems fishy, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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