Avoiding fake products on the web

We all know how much cheaper we can find goods online than in shops, and while there are some amazing bargains to be had, there are just as many scams out there. These tend to be high end products that have all the appropriate packaging and look like the real thing until you open them. A general rule of thumb that applies to most situations should certainly be considered here; if it seems too good to be true it usually is.

The one thing to always bear in mind is that when you are buying online, only buy from reputable sites. If you are looking for Clarins skincare, for example, make sure you buy from the Clarins site, or from a site that is well known for selling these kinds of products so you know that you are going to get what you pay for.

These kind of online scams are nothing new, and are basically just another way for those dodgy street traders to offload their counterfeit goods on the unsuspecting public. More of us than would care to admit have been daft enough to shell out for that elaborately packaged bottle of designer perfume only to be repulsed by the odour of what is actually in the bottle.

Clothes and shoes are another popular sector for online scams. They may look genuine but a closer look will let you see the inferior stitching and the labels often reveal more than you had bargained for. That said, many of us are prepared to buy fakes and pass them off to others as the real thing, and this kind of thing is especially prevalent when we go on holiday to such countries as Turkey or Egypt.

While these may seem like great bargains, and add to your street cred so to speak, bear in mind that you are causing these brands to lose money, in the same way as if you buy pirate DVD’s of films that have barely been released in the cinema. The rules regarding counterfeit clothing, bags etc are a rather grey area as opposed to pirate DVD’s, as there is always the doubt there that you didn’t know they were fakes, whereas the DVD’s are obvious.

Article courtesy of Escentual