Barn raised or free range may just be battery eggs

A new report reveals that eggs are being advertised as barn raised or free range that are in fact from battery hens and are sitting on the shelves of high street stores.

Trading standards officers looked at different retailers taking 50 eggs and finding that 19 of the eggs, around 40% failed to pass labelling and quality tests.

The Derbyshire county council revealed the fraud and raises some large questions about the quality and public misinformation of the egg industry of the UK.

As part of the investigation 50 eggs were looked closely at: 39 that were supposed to be from free-range chickens, one from a barn-raised chicken, one from an organic chicken, and nine from birds that are kept in cages.  Out of the eggs tested 11 did not come from the appropriate source.  Additionally four of the eggs were not up to the UK’s quality standards and two were under the weight specified by the Food Safety Act.

The trading standards board utilized a variety of different techniques to access the eggs using light to test the egg size by looking at how much air space was around the egg and also utilizing an ultra-violet light that can be shined through the eggs to test the shells around the ones that were supposed to be free-range.

After the results of the investigation came out trading standards officers issued tips to Derbyshire business so that they could better stick to the law with certain cases sent to the Egg Marketing Inspectorate.