Before you buy check for money saving offers from the retailer

The British ‘freeconomy’ is well and thriving, with more adults saving an average of £1300 each year by using money saving offers, special deals, freebies and discount codes and deal share vouchers, according to a recent research released this week.

The study was conducted by Halifax Home Insurance which showed how the years of economic downturn turned a lot of Brits into bargain-hunters looking for ways to save money on local deals. 1/5 of the respondents said that they rarely purchase anything at the full price. 53% of the respondents admit targeting deals on meals and money off codes on fast food and takeaways.

This is closely followed by flights and holiday deals, and contrary to the stereotype presented by the country, more than 12% of adults admit to haggling until they get the right price, and a mere 1% say that they are embarrassed to ask for and use discounts. The survey even claims that getting great deals UK company’s have to offer has become an acceptable social activity, what with 44% going for deal share and sharing discount codes with friends and families.

As a result, more than 1 in 4 people say that they now do things that they would otherwise not do, thanks to money saving offers and money-off codes, especially when buying presents for friends and families. Here are some tips to get you started on hunting for the best discounts and deals.
Discount code sites
There are dozens of websites that you can visit to get discount codes, and money saving offers from, ranging from specific prices, percentage reductions and free deliveries. Each of these websites explain how to redeem vouchers and codes, which in general, you just need to click through to the retailer’s selected website, then choose your preferred services or goods, then when you get to checkout, you just need to enter the promo code and click update.

Many websites also feature printable money-off codes and vouchers that you can use in high-street outlets, such as 2 for 1 meals. Since some vouchers are time-sensitive, you can choose to receive emails to get the latest offers. If you are a serious bargain-hunter, you might want to register with more than 1 website to take advantage of various discounts.

For online shopping, always check whether you are given an option to put in a code when you pay for items, and when this happens, open a new tab in your browser and search for a discount code relevant to your purchase. If there’s none, it is possible that the code is offered by the retailer itself to a group of customers, often available via email offers or special websites.

There are a lot of websites that also offer free samples for different products, so if you really want to save money on local deals, be diligent in keeping emails of special offers and any links you get that present tips on how to save money may come in handy in the future.