Benefits fraudster from Romania can stay in UK

A fraudster from Romania who stole more than ten thousand pounds in benefits will be allowed to remain in Britain in order to protect her human rights. Lavinia Olmazu offered fake, fraudulent, and false National Insurance numbers to immigrants that otherwise would not be able to receive benefits, and she should have been deported for her part in the fraud.

However, she told judges that if she were deported to Romania for her crimes it would be an attack on her human rights since she has a son that is aged 12 and lives in Britain. Olmazu, aged 33, worked with Alin Enachi to funnel out about £3m from the benefits system by submitting false claims for benefits on behalf of 172 Romanian gypsies over the past few years. She was sentenced to two years in prison back in 2010 and should have been immediately deported back to Romania once released.

After finishing her term however she challenged the Home Secretary’s removal attempt by fighting a loophole that existed in the Human Rights Act. Her successful claim will no doubt increase concerns about how judges should interpret Article 8 of the act in the future as it deals with details of the ‘right to family life; as other criminals will now likely attempt to use it in order to evade deportation.

It is expected that now many more immigrants will argue their family life will be negatively influenced if they are deported. She argued that her son has been raised mainly in the UK and does not speak the Romanian language fluently. Her case was the first to be considered following hard work by Theresa May to make it harder for immigration criminals to be allowed to remain in the UK.