Benefits of Effective Document Management

Sharing different files should be simple, right? You draft up a piece, send it over to someone else, they give their input, and then send it back over to you. Tools like email and markup view in Word have certainly made it easier to collaborate on the same document, but to keep up with competitors in the modern business world you need more.

There’s too much of a chance that you’ll work on the wrong version of a document, delete important changes or even forget to send it to someone; the process can break down at any point. Effective document control can help companies save time, minimise errors and improve project management.

Here are just a few of the ways that the right document management system can help.
Keep things Organised
Even if your company hasn’t exactly set the bar in terms of organisation, it’s never too late to start. Keeping all of your online files in one shared workspace allows users to access them how and when they need to. With an optimised cloud storage system, locating and accessing exactly the correct document is as simple as it is efficient.
Version Control
With the right online platform all members of the team will be able to see which version of a document they are working on. This eliminates the confusion (or downright panic) of painstakingly updating a previous version of a document only to find that your version wasn’t current in the first place.
Quick Access to Information
If you are busy and need specific information immediately, having an ultra-efficient search option is a huge relief. Your document management strategy can include a way to search for the file you need without having to open and sift through all those folders.

Once you have an effective, contemporary system in place your business will see benefits such as:

Improved collaboration. Without the frustration of having to send files back and forth by email, team members will be able to work together more efficiently.
Time savings. With everything in one place there will be no need to worry about who has the latest version of a file, or how best to retrieve it.
Increased project management capabilities. With a more efficient system in place you will be able to commit to projects of larger scope, without as much concern over the logistics of carrying them out.

As companies move into the future, it is time to reconsider process and procedure. For many of us this means developing a better way to manage documents.

You can start by evaluating your current way of sharing and collaborating on files to identify weak points. Have there been times when your system has failed? Then look to an online cloud based platform to help you manage your documents. Some are far  more cost-effective than you may have imagined.

Competition in this field has led to the development of sophisticated yet highly user-friendly software that can be tailored to meet specific needs and objectives. So perhaps it’s time for you to consider a move into the future of document management, too.