Big diving fraudsters hit Harrow

To scam Harrow citizens out of cash, fraudsters have been rummaging through the bins used for recycling to get personal information. There is a con going around and the Harrow council has been alerted to it.

Residents are saying someone is contacting them and claiming to be from the council’s tax department saying they have an overpaid bill and they are then instructed to call a telephone number and provide their personal bank information in order to receive their refund.

However the caller knows the full name and address of the resident and the council tax reference number, the fraud officers feel that they have ransacked the blue recycle bins. One resident is worried and said it was crazy what some people do to get money. What is worrisome is thinking that someone might be going through your bins to get information and try and scam you.

She added that she has had problems with her credit cards in the past and is careful to shred everything but is shows that there are some people out there that will do anything to try and con you.

The council has warned residents to be more vigilant with these types of calls and shred all mail that comes in with personal details. Graham Henson, a councilor said he it is important to be extra careful and shred everything in order to prevent the fraudsters from getting their hands on it.

There are systems that the council has in place to make sure that there is arrangement made in order to receive a tax refund and that the council would never ask the residents to provide any personal bank information over the telephone.