Bogus jobs scammer gets three years and has to pay £70,000

More than £70,000 has to be paid back by a serial fraudster who bilked more than tens of thousands of pounds through scams. Mark Shortland, of Sheffield, received three years in jail in 2010 when he ripped off students and girlfriends and taking advantage of the unemployed. One scam was where he offered bogus jobs to chauffeurs that had been desperate for employment.

He tricked his women victims into believing that he had been at one time a commercial airline pilot. In the Crime Act hearing the in Sheffield Court found that his benefit in the scams was in the area of £70,000 thus he was ordered to repay the amount within six months or face up to a possible 21 more months in jail.

He has been labeled a serial fraudster where he made his living defrauding others and he needs to have his ill-gotten monies taken away from him to compensate the victims in any way possible.

His scam with chauffeurs was to place an advertisement for employment for drivers. He interviewed people in Luton, the East Midlands, Manchester and Liverpool and offered over 100 people employment. His scam was to ask all of them for £100 deposit for keys to the car he said he would be giving them to drive. Of the 100 or so only 30 paid but of course they were never given a car to drive.

He also advertised goods for sale on eBay when people sent the money he did not send the goods. He received money from all over the country. He made most of his money by saying he would help organize an advance of £75,000 of his mortgage and when the money came through and deposited into his account, it was never seen again.