British Gas Home repair service

Repairing the various gas appliances in your home can be a real nightmare, not just because if they fail your home is going to become very cold, but because often the repair is very expensive. There are also a large number of plumbers on the market who are not qualified enough to repair your device, and might often just say that you need to replace the system. This will cost even more money, and will result in a cold house for a significant amount of time.

A great alternative would be to take advantage of the repair services offered from British Gas, who are able to offer you insurance to make sure that you don’t have to pay when your system goes wrong, and they will repair it efficiently and correctly in the quickest amount of time.

What British Gas are calling the British Gas Team, are able to fix your boiler whether you have insurance with them or not. An insurance policy starts at just nine pounds a month, which makes it an incredibly affordable option for people who are looking to protect themselves against expensive repairs.

However, the company are also offering something else, which is known as a fixed-price boiler repair. This is something that they have set at £79, and it means that you won’t be hit with any surprise bills when the repair is taking place. Better yet, all of the people who are part of this team are qualified to do the job to the highest standard, and they have all been gas safe registered.

Additionally, whether you have the insurance, or pay for the one-time fixed fee repair, all of the parts that are used in the repair are going to have a warranty for 12 months, so if anything goes wrong again, the repair will be free.