British Telecom raising prices yet again

British Telecom has announced that it will be raising its prices for the second time this year. Calls to a land line will increase to nearly 8p. Rates to mobile phones will be remaining the same at 11.3p a minute in prime time. The cost of calls made from a land line in the evening will also increase by 5% to a little over a penny a minute. The increase in call price will take effect from early December.

BT has made some serious increases to the price of its calling in the last two years. Last year they made an increase of ten percent and in April of this year they raised prices by another nine percent. The operator has said that there will be no more increases in the cost of land line calls until 2013.

BT have also announced that profits rose about 20% in the first three months of the year. The company said this growth was due to an increased demand for their broadband packages. BT also offers call packages, the most popular of these is the Anytime calls package and the cost of this will rise by 20p.

The news is not welcomed by consumers, especially after they found out that the cost of energy is also going to increase last month. Michael Phillips of has said, “It’s very disappointing to see BT raise their prices yet again. The increase may be in line with inflation but households are already suffering from reduced income and this move will prove very unpopular.

We do however welcome the fact the company is not raising prices again until 2013. We hope other service providers will be offering something similar soon.” Phillips also went onto say that anyone wanting to change their provider should look online for a price comparison.