Brits fall victim to Internet scan from India

A huge number of Brits became victim of an Indian call centre and internet scam, investigators found out recently. In the conducted investigation, it was found out that approximately 60,000 British people were deceived.

Most of them lost an accumulated £90 and £250 in the said scam. There are also those who lost more money like the man who disclosed that he lost more than £200,000. This fraud is now considered as one of the biggest crimes that were brought up from other country to United Kingdom.

According to a source, more than 1,000 residents who are in search for unsecured loans from financial and banking firms are being contacted by the call centres in India every day. Out of the total number, 100 are being tricked by making them sign up and pay a processing fee to acquire the not even existing money.

Those who committed the scam were able to gather details from those individuals who are searching for a loan. The facts like contact number, date of birth, email address, home address, and amount needed are among the pieces of information that were obtained. After that, the individual will receive a call informing them that the details were passed and the loan was approved.

Moreover, Indian authorities believe that £10 million was swindled from the Britons who are looking for loans. A spokesperson for UK’s national police assistance, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, confirmed that the report was true and said that they have a collective intelligence with the police that helped them with the investigation and in doing arrests.

Meanwhile, three Indian were arrested because they are suspected of being involved in the conspiracy that is connected to the fraud by using an electronic device. Apart from the three, there are other suspects who are still in New Delhi and UK.