BT speeds up their connections

BT have recently announced that they will be launching a product that is significantly faster than their current broadband offering. The new internet system from BT will offer speeds of up to 100 mbps. The technology is based on fibre optics and currently around 6 million buildings in the UK have access to it. The company predicted that their significant investment will lead to over 10 million properties being connected by the end of next year. Most properties in the UK will be covered by the end of 2014.

The technology is working through a combination of fibre optics and traditional copper cables. Fibre optics run the data to the street when copper cables take over and pipe the information into people’s homes. BT has recently announced that it is revising its timetable and will be investing £2.5 billion in the technology to speed up the process.

The Secretary Of State for Culture is Jeremy Hunt and he has commented, “This is great news for the country as superfast broadband is a step forward in our technological growth. Not only is it a step forward for technology but the investment by the company is meaning more jobs are available today.”

The government has set aside £500 million for the introduction of this type of broadband to the UK. BT hopes that they will get to use more of this money as they roll out fast broadband in rural areas. Currently the UK does not rank very impressively for international broadband speeds. The average speed in the United Kingdom as of this year is 5 mbps, this places the country 25th in the world and significantly behind some Asian countries such as South Korea – who enjoy an average speed of nearly 14 mbps. This significant upgrade by BT will bring the average speed up significantly.