Burglar alarm scam warning

The Powys city council trading standards service is warning residents about a new scheme that claims it offers free burglar alarms but actually ties them down to a contract that adds up to cost several thousands of pounds.

The council stated that residents were being targeted in particular in Brecon.  It stated that the companies that offer the burglar alarm systems are claiming that they are associated with a police effort to aid consumers against rising crime levels in their area.

However, while scaring customers into taking the free burglar alarms, the firms are deliberately not mentioning that the fees included in the alarm systems associated with upkeep, responding, and monitoring total up to thousands of pounds.  In fact, some unlucky residents have already discovered they are trapped in a six year contract at the total price of £6000.

Council board member, Graham Brown, stated that consumers only have seven days after signing up for the alarm systems to change their mind but if they agree to installation during this week time period they are stuck in the contract.  He added that the companies are moving from town to town so all Powys residents need to be vigilant.

Clive Jones, the Powys principal trading standards officer stated that consumers should never feel that they are being forced into purchasing or signing up for a service.  He added that they should keep in mind that if the deal seems too good, there is probably a reason for that.