The business of disasters

In today’s world we are not sure what will happen next. Catastrophes seem to happen each day whether they are natural ones like earthquakes, floods or hurricanes or human catastrophes like mining accidents and financial crisis’ The world we live in is not the same as yesterday nor will it be the same as tomorrow. There is constant change.

The world, due to technology, is very global and things that happen in one region can greatly affect those in another. When the tragic earthquake hit in Japan in March the effects were felt around the world. Business news ran stories about the technology sector having delays due to plants being shut down in Japan that were damaged. Toyota Motor Corp has not been able to supply the cars that are in demand because certain parts are still behind schedule.

The financial crisis has proved how global the world of commerce is today. The stocks in Asia and Europe drop because of the worry about the financial problems in Greece and as soon as the US Financial markets are opened they follow suit. The entire world commerce is linked together in the developed countries and can be influenced by any number of issues good or bad.

Local economies are struggling with high costs of living and high unemployment rates. Cuts are being made by local governments to save money and try and stay out of the negative. With these cutbacks there is suffering that takes place. Education suffers since there are fewer teachers per student. Health services suffer since there are fewer doctors or nurses that can help the ill.

The outbreak of E.coli in Germany is another example of how what happens in one area can greatly affect other areas. The Spanish farmers were hit very hard when reports surfaced that their cucumbers were what cause the outbreak of E. coli in Germany only to find out later the reports were wrong, but because the world we live in is so technologically advanced, the damage to the farmers was done instantly. They had to actually give away free produce to people to convince them their vegetables were safe.

Since the world of today is linked on a global basis with internet and the social media sites around the world, what happens in the most remote of regions’ can greatly affect even the most stable economies. The state of our world today can change overnight or with the push of a button.