Buying Home Insurance over the Phone

In current society, technology has advanced to the extent that human interaction is seldom needed for the purchase of goods or services. This is becoming increasingly evident within the insurance industry; many companies offer lower prices if the customer is willing to take out a policy via the Internet. This is because it costs the company less, as the user fills in all of the information themselves. There are, however, many clauses and exemptions within insurance, which can become confusing, particularly in the case of home insurance. Therefore, it can sometimes be beneficial to pick up the phone and speak to someone, to ensure all details are correct.

When taking out an insurance policy, it is essential that all information provided is accurate and correct. If any information is found to be wrong, the insurance company can refuse to make a payment, based on the fact that providing incorrect information is a breach of the contract terms. This is why it can sometimes be beneficial, as well as offering peace of mind, to speak to an advisor over the phone, before committing to purchase. In this way, all information can be checked, and is done so during a recorded phone call. As long as the customer is entirely honest during this call, if any details are found to be incorrect, the onus falls upon the insurance company.

There are also certain deals and potential further discounts which can be offered to a customer, if they call the company before taking out the policy. Sometimes, further price reductions are not possible, and can actually cost a little more to have all the details checked, but if the price rises, there is no obligation to continue over the phone. There may also be additional, optional levels of cover which have been missed online, therefore, calling the company will ensure the customer receives the desired cover level for the correct price.

Many people simply do not trust that filling in the information online is safe, for one reason or another. In this case, calling the insurance company can help to alleviate any concerns and will also allow the customer to categorically state they do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes if applicable?

In general, whilst home insurance can be taken out online, it can often be much less hassle to pick up the phone to receive an accurate and personal service.