Camelot lottery funding changing Olympic lives

We know Camelot as being the legendary home of King Arthur and his knights of the round table, but it is also essentially a dream factory. This Camelot, however, is the company that runs the national lottery in the UK and changes peoples lives every Wednesday and Saturday when we go and buy our lottery tickets in the hope of altering our lives forever.

What we don’t realise is that simply by handing over our pound we are changing the lives of millions of people that we have never met, or ever likely to. This is due to the contribution we have made to the lottery’s good causes fund which, in the 26 years the national lottery has been running since its launch back in 1994, has raised more than £28bn that has gone straight to support good causes right across the UK.

As this fund does so much to help the young sportsmen and women in the UK to become world champions and Olympians, and with London 2012 just around the corner, Camelot have released a new video highlighting how Camelot, with the help of everyone who buys a lottery ticket, help dreams come true for ordinary people.

A woman looks back over her life and we see her running along the beach as a child, pigtails flying, with dreams of becoming a proper runner. She tells us those dreams stayed just that as she grew up, went out to work, fell in love and had her family. It then moves forward to when she is helping her young daughter on with her coat, and wonders if the child carries the same dreams that she did.

It turns out she did, and we see her as an adult taking part in the Olympics and as she runs it cuts to the little girl in pigtails, to demonstrate that lottery funding is indeed changing lives.