Car repair garages fail to spot dangerous problems

The consumer organization Which? has discovered a high level of incompetence at most UK car repair garages after an investigation showed that about 87% of the employees missed potential faults that were highly dangerous.

Which? sent cars with easy to find faults to a total of 62 garages.  Out of the 62 only eight of the garages returned the cars completely fixed with five failing to even notice the faults.

In total, 57% did not see the reverse light was out, another 48% did not notice the brake fluid was low, 68% did not notice the almost fault spare tyre, and 21% did not notice that the rear tyre was low on air pressure.

In addition, the consumer watchdog stated that 40% of the garages charged for a service or product that was not performed or added.  In an attempt to see if garages were honest, they filled up the screenwash, but four out of the ten garages charged for a refill of the fluid, charging anywhere from 68p up to £2.41.

According to Which?, the investigation shows that there are different levels of performance offered at different garage companies with those that were associated with the Bosch Car Service finding 64% of the faults while those that were associated with Motor Codes indentifying only 60%.

Garages that were independent of these schemes found about 43% of the faults while those that were part of the Good Garage Scheme were able to find and repair 39%.