not happy with poor quality rental car insurance, the comparison site, is waging a war with car rental businesses that try to add on inadequate insurance cover. The goal of the site is to teach tourists ways to never face a car rental bill of £2,000.

The site is very disgruntled with the majority of car hire firms that continue stuffing their pockets full of money by charging for excess cover for the majority of the over two million Brits hiring vehicles each summer. The sites’ goal is to arm the holidaymaker with enough knowledge so they can ward off the excess rip offs when they get to the help desk.

Managing Director Gareth Robinson of says his company continues to be shocked with its findings in its research with customer accounts of being sold an incorrect policy a common error that occurs, with many ending up paying close to double at the end.

The site wants to correct these problems and says every customer needs to know what the car hire companies are offering and what they may be hiding from them, so they will be prepared as to what may happen when they arrive to pick up their vehicles. One weapon sure to help in their war with car hire firms is a tutorial video that clearly explains and lays out the key points at hand.

In the war against the car for hire companies, any customer that feels the need can post their complaints and frustrations about excess insurance on Raising the Standard Forum. Instead of just watching, Carrentals has taken action and developed excess insurance policies that can save the renter up to 60% which is excellent compared to the majority of the other car hire companies.